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You Need to Rent a Dumpster, We Can Help. Here are the Services We Offer:

The Best Prices for Dumpster Rental in Hammond

Efficient Delivery and Pick up of Roll Off Containers

Complete Billing Transparency

Friendly & Professional Customer Services

A Huge Variety of Dumpster Sizes

Pick the Right Size For Your Project

10 yard

6-ft x 12-ft x 4-ft

20 yard


8-ft x 20-ft x 4-ft

30 yard

8-ft x 22-ft x 6-ft

40 yard

8-ft x 22-ft x 8-ft

We Pride Ourselves on Exceptional Service for Hammond, Indiana and the Surrounding Service Area

No matter what the weather, we will show up on time, every time. Our rental rates will vary depending on where you are in our service area, how big the dumpster rental is, and when you need it to be delivered and picked up. We provide free quotes, over the phone, so that you can plan accordingly.

Our goal is to make our customer’s lives easier and more convenient by providing stress-free waste disposal services. We have seen it all as the #1 dumpster rental in Hammond. We make renting a dumpster simple and easy.

Family Owned Dumpster Rental Company

No one values family as much as we do. We have been offering Hammond dumpster services for many years. Our satisfied customers appreciate our timeliness, responsible waste removal, and transparent billing. With our Dumpster rental services, you never have to worry about hidden fees or added costs. We value providing a budget dumpster for your toughest projects.

We Value “Green” Waste Disposal

It’s not enough to simply remove the waste from your area. When you are renting a dumpster from us, you can rest assured that we will dispose of the waste according to the guidelines of local municipalities. We follow the rules and regulations that help us stay EPA-friendly. When we provide junk removal services, we make sure that it ends up where it’s supposed to go.

Get a Roll Off Dumpster for Your Next Project

Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises

What Belongs in a Roll-Off Container?

Our dumpsters are ideal for heavy debris that would be difficult to remove yourself. Don’t waste time and energy trying to fit those large items into the back of your car. Simply renting a dumpster can save you hours of frustration. Dumpsters are made to take on anything from landscaping debris like dirt and sand to broken boards, roofing shingles, or siding. There are some things that should never go in a dumpster (or in your home garbage), so please consult with a professional, such as one of our highly trained team members, to ask how to responsibly dispose of the following items.

Never put these items in a dumpster rental:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Toxic Waste
  • Certain Explosive Batteries (Such as Lithium)
  • Automotive Fluids / Motor Oil
  • Paint Cans
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Gas, Oil, or Freon (Including Refrigerators)
  • Lawn Fertilizers
  • Medical Waste or Medications
  • Household Containers (Including Bleach)

It’s important to us that we keep Hammond safe from dangerous chemicals that could damage our local ecosystem. We also need to avoid anything that could be flammable and endanger our employees or cause fires in a landfill. You should also remember not to mix non-recyclable and recyclable materials, which makes it difficult for us to sort and dispose of them properly. We care about keeping Hammond, IN safe!

Residential Dumpster Services

We provide dumpster rentals for residential customers. Whether you are tackling small remodeling projects, building a new home, or cleaning up yard debris, we can find a dumpster that is fit for you. Residential services are typically for one-time debris disposal or for businesses with 20 or fewer employees. Please refer to our contact info for rental prices and we can help you decide if you need one-time or recurring delivery.

Can We Prevent Others from Using Our Dumpster?

If it’s important to you that other people don’t use your dumpster, we can provide a lock bar to any front-load dumpster that prevents neighboring businesses or people from throwing their waste in your container. We can also provide other add-ons like wheels to help the dumpster move easily. If you are interested in these add-ons, let us know when you schedule your delivery so that we can provide them for you.

Construction Dumpster Services

When you are taking on big construction projects, you need a dumpster service that is reliable and shows up on time. Our fast delivery will ensure that the roll-off containers are there when you need them and removed just as efficiently. We know that business owners can face hefty fines when dumpsters are left sitting in parking lots for longer than they are meant to, so trust us to get the job done on time.

Steps to Receiving Your Roll Off Dumpster Today:

Figure out which size is best for your project. Once you’ve decided on the dumpster size, you can move on to the next step. If you’re still not sure, you can always call our friendly team members with any questions.

Reserve the time and date that you want your roll-off container to be delivered.

Call us at our dumpster rental in Hammond to discuss rental costs, ask questions, and finalize your delivery. You are important to us, so if you feel stuck at any step along the way, just give us a call and we will help you figure it out.

Our Friendly Team Members are Ready to Help!

If you’re ready to tackle the big cleanup project in your home, office, or job site, we’re ready to deliver a high-quality roll-off container today. You can call us at our regular hours, Monday-Friday, and our customer service representatives will answer any questions you have and get you ready to schedule the delivery for your roll-off container.

Get a Roll Off Dumpster for Your Next Project

Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises